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Game story

  • Description: The story will take place in an Algerian archaeological site; the protagonists are archaeologists who will discover a magic object that will take them to the past. They will have to integrate into the city, be discreet and solve several different puzzles in order to gradually go up in time, until they return to the present time.

  • Between the real history of the place and mystical magic, the goal of this metaverse will be to promote Algerian archaeological sites but also to educate and inform the public about their stories and to raise awareness about their protection.

  • In this metaverse, players will be able to discover information in the form of photos and videos concerning the site, historical figures.

  • Target: diaspora: the Algerian diaspora is interested in everything related to the history of Algeria, and this is a way of making them visit sites without them having to travel.

  • Young people between 12 and 25 years old: are disconnected from this historical and heritage aspect, it is a way of making them discover the history of their country.

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