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The project revolves around two distinct and complementary components, a Think Thank and an Academy.

This approach underlines the interest of a reflection and a strategic orientation (theory) followed by a phase of experimentation, support (practice, implementation) in the face of the challenges and issues of the Metavers in Africa.

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Think Tank
Open to all stakeholders

  • Space for reflections, exchanges and meetings around the African Metaverse

  • Promote, raise awareness around the concept of Metavers and its challenges for the continent.

  • Building bridges between African actors

  • Promote cooperation, the exchange of good practices and experiences

  • Be a source of proposals for political decision-makers

Open to all young talents 

  • Help African talents to equip themselves with the technologies and tools necessary to trace their professional careers in the metaverse

  • Train in Metaverse professions for the production of prototypes based on advanced technologies.

Our target

  • Content creators: video games, animation, VR & AR, 3D, digital and graphic art

  • Video game and immersive project developers

  • All associations, studios, startups, universities, individuals wishing to participate in the development of an African Metaverse.

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