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Training & support

  • The training program offers hands-on sessions to get to grips with the basic tools needed to develop a metaverse prototype on an unreal engine.

  • These sessions are dedicated to artists and developers so that they can acquire the necessary 3d production or coding skills to produce interactive and immersive experiences.

Sessions dedicated to artists

Introduction to Unreal Engine and in particular:

  • modeling tools for creating level design and blockout.

  • importing objects to understand the difference between static and skeleton mesh.

  • importing animations and apply them to a model.

  • the sequencer tool for creating cutscenes and object animations.

  • to the texturing process to import textures, create and configure a material.

Sessions dedicated to developers

Introduction to Unreal Engine and in particular:

  • nodal coding (blue print) on Unreal Engine

  • the development of smart contracts thanks to Tezos

Sessions dedicated to teams

Provide teams with the support they need to develop their concepts and ideas, and define the artistic choices: themes, game style, scenario, gameplay and mechanics of each universe.

metaverse tribe workflow res (1)-11.png
metaverse tribe workflow res (1)-12.png
metaverse tribe workflow res (1)-13.png

Training themes

  • 3D modeling: 3Ds Max

  • Unreal engine : Level design

  • Blockchain/Smart contract/NFT

  • Tokenization

  • Unreal engine : Coding/blueprins

  • Soft skills

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