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Horizon Bantu

Game story

● Recipient:
During a trip to Gabon, a group of uninitiated lambda people will attend a traditional initiation ceremony and one of them will be transported to a mysterious world thanks to the hallucinogenic capacities of a plant called IBOGA. This species is rich in indolo-monoterpene alkaloids, the main one being ibogaine. It is used in traditional medicine in Gabon to produce, by chewing the root or bark, hallucinations and near-death experiences. At too high a dose, the plant can be fatal.

● Heroes:
The hero of the story is an average person. Once entering the mysterious world, she takes on the appearance of a pygmy, (the pygmy peoples are ethnic groups whose average height is exceptionally short and live in the forest in equatorial Africa).
● Quest:
The hero is immersed in an imaginary universe and as the adventure progresses, his escape will turn into a quest for knowledge.

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