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Africa Metaverse Tribe is the continuation of the AfricanGameDev program, supported by Epic Games, which has been able to retain a community of Gaming developers from 10 African countries equivalent to 300 young people to train in Unreal Engine for the production of video game prototypes around storytelling African.

 3 video game startups was born from this program.

Co-build a sustainable African ecosystem of cultural creative industries and respond to current changes (Blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrency)


Contribute to the development of skills and support for the continent’s startups, which will make tomorrow’s Africa.

Bring together the actors, the experts of the African ecosystem of the creative& digital economy in a Think Thank in order to anticipate technological changes and prepare a strategy, a roadmap for the creation of an African Metaverse.


To get adapted to these changes and train talent for the implementation of the roadmap, shape the African metaverse, within the metaverse academy.

34 rue abou bakr al bokri montplaisir Tunis-Tunisia

+ 216 53 269 000



34 rue abo bakr al bokri montplaisir


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